Welcome to the Naturopathic Health Clinic of NC

The new location of the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina

The Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina holds a vision of helping people and the community find their way to wellness and away from suffering, by treating the whole person, rather than just the disease. 
We practice comprehensive medicine: natural, conventional, alternative, and integrative healing methods, which include functional medicine, classical chinese medicine, acupuncture, tissue manipulation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, NCR, nutrition and exercise therapy.

We are guided by the first principle of Naturopathic medicine: 
First do no harm….

The Naturopathic Health Clinic of NC is known internationally as the Metabolic Effect Clinic.  The two companies were founded together by brothers Keoni and Jade Teta.  To find out more about the Metabolic Effect, a natural health, fitness and fat loss company go to www.metaboliceffect.com or find them on Facebook.

Dr’s. Keoni Teta, ND, LAc,
 Jade Teta, ND, and
 Jillian Sarno Teta, ND are licensed 
in the State of Washington as Medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors. 
Dr. Keoni Teta is also licensed in North Carolina as an acupuncturist.

Our Location: 117B Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | Phone: 336-724-4452 | Our email

Important Announcements:

1. Our email has changed.  It is now nhcncclinic@gmail.com.

2. We moved to Reynolda Village 117B.  Reynolda Village is located only a 1/2 mile away. To get there from our old clinic just take a right on Reynolda Rd. and go straight passing the fire station and the entrance to Wake Forest University. At the second light take a left on By Way Str.  Now you are in Reynolda Village. Take your next left and the second left into a parking lot sitting between our new clinic and The Village Tavern Restaurant.  If you can’t find parking there you can park anywhere else in the Village. For more about Reynolda Village and Directions click HERE.


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