Joyce Teta | Calligraphy Centre

(Calligrapher, Book Artist, and Art Therapist)

Calligraphy has all the essential ingredients as a healing art.
It has been proven a very effective healing modality.  In its own right a form of meditation and growth.  It teaches a process and a connection to flow, by slowing you down and keeping you in the present.  Pattern making educates your eye, controlling light and dark spaces.  Valuable lessons in repetition and focus, touch and feel component working wet on dry (dragging and pulling ink)
Brings harmony of breath and thought, learning to stay in the moment.  Breaks habitual patterns of thought, with simple humble conscious motion of hand eye coordination. Relates and connects, line and space, dark and light, fast and slow.  Stimulates and builds confidence.

Cognitive effects of calligraphy therapy

Relaxation effects of calligraphy in cancer patients

Joyce began her love of letterforms as a child at Marymont School for Girls in England, where the Nuns introduced students to the Chancery Italic hand with a broad-edged pen. With more than 30 years of study and experience in the field, Joyce brings a level of professionalism and dedication to her work that has won … more

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