“What a unique approach to exercise, my day is pretty full with three children and a full time job.  I don’t have time for it in my schedule.  With Me I was able to get my weekly exercise in with half of the time spent going to some expensive gym.  It worked for me, it can work for you!”
James – 37, Business Analyst, Charlotte, NC

Dr’s. Jade & Keoni Teta have brought their cutting-edge fitness & wellness approach (from Seattle) to Winston-Salem. They have definitely raised my fitness and overall level of well-being through treatment & teaching. Their passion for what they do has inspired me to take wellness & health as the priority rather than a “sickness” mindset. From my view, wellness is a better value than hospitals and drugs. Thank you.
John, 51, Graphic Designer, Winston-Salem, NC

Jade and Keoni played a key role in helping me meet my weight loss and fitness goals. During my time with them I lost 12 lbs and several inches! I also accomplished fitness goals that I thought were out of reach. When I first started working out with Jade and Keoni, running 5 minutes was difficult. Thanks to their dedication, motivation and inspiration I have completed two triathlons, a handful of 5k’s and 10k’s races and recently signed up for a half marathon!
Denise, 34 Microsoft Corporation, Staffing Manager, Seattle Washington

I worked out with Keoni and Jade for over a year in Seattle. I did not need to lose weight but was interested in getting the maximum benefit for my body from the shortest workout. Life seems to have gotten busy and my workouts were being sacrificed. They made it easy. I put all my workouts on my calendar and just made it part of my work week. Even when I was not feeling 100% I still went in and they adjusted the workout. The gains in strength were amazing and the workouts were always a challenge.
Scott, Executive, Seattle Washington

Anybody can learn the science behind their method of whole-body training, but Jade and Keoni have mastered the art of it, gently but firmly turning their clients in the right direction. Over eighteen months, I lost 14 pounds while gaining muscle. My body fat ratio has gone from 33% to 28% and it’s still falling. I’m within a pound or three of my optimum weight. My skepticism is gone. Compliments (and looks) continue to roll my way, the benchmark of our success. You could look long and far and to find trainers who are as motivating, as successful, as patient, as devoted to your personal improvement as these two are. You North Carolinians are lucky. Thanks, guys.
Wendy, 54, Professional Writer, Seattle Washington

I just wanted to let you know that my muscle spasm is completely gone — I don’t feel it at all! The ankle is starting to heal also. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your therapies are very effective.
Judi, Yoga Instructor, business owner, W-S

Just a note to thank you for the help you have been to me. Yesterday’s treatment that focused on my knee has had amazingly wonderful results. There has been no pain whatsoever, and I realized last night and this morning how much I must have learned to tolerate the pain…to the point of not even recognizing it. Hard to explain…I am aware of my knee and it functioning like I haven’t been before…kind of tightness but no unpleasantness at all. Out of concern about the possibility of exercise bringing the pain back, I almost talked myself out of exercising this morning. But then I recalled your emphasis on it…went…and was probably the best workout yet…no pain, and feeling stronger. Thanks again!

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