Therapies Offered

Areas of Emphasis and Specialties:

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine, Mental Health and Wellness, Cancer Treatment, Cardiovascular Disease Treatment, Wellness Counseling and Coaching, Diabetes Treatment, Homeopathy, Musculoskeletal Complaints, NeuroCranial Restructuring, Neurological Diseases, Chronic Pain, Pediatrics, Obesity and Weight Loss, Autoimmune Conditions and Digestive Health, Women’s Health, Sexual Wellness and Aesthetics.

One of the most ancient forms of medicine, dating back 2,000 years. Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into various meridians (energy channels) with the purpose to manipulate qi, or energy. Acupuncture works extremely well for any type of pain and can help calm the mind.
Botanical Medicine
Also known as herbal medicine. This ancient system of medicine can be used in a variety of complaints ranging from the common cold to digestive complaints and endocrine dysfunction. We are educated about the proper application and safety of herbs and use them when appropriate and necessary.
Environmental Medicine / Detoxification
Today we live in a world that is full of pollutants, toxins, metals, synthetic hormones and a plethora of other chemicals. Sometimes our detoxification systems can be overwhelmed and we become sick: our thinking gets fuzzy, we have fatigue, pain, react strongly to odors, lights or noise. Environmental medicine aids the body in metabolizing and excreting compounds from the environment that have made you ill.
Exercise for Wellness and Fat Loss
Movement is life. Once movement stops, life ceases. In today’s society, we tend to eat more and move less. Appropriately applied exercise can aid in weight loss, balance hormones, reduce pain, improve mobility, mood and cognition.
Functional Medicine
A science-based field of healthcare that is grounded in the principles of biochemical individuality. We are all different and our bodies respond to treatments differently from one another. Functional Medicine is client-centered individualized care. Rather than managing symptoms of a disease, functional medicine strives to address the dynamic flowing balance of internal and external factors that lead to illness, thus optimizes health and wellness.
A system of medicine designed over 200 years ago based on the principle “like cures like”. During the homeopathic intake we look at the totality of all the characteristics of the client and find the remedy that most fits those characteristics. Homeopathy is considered an extremely safe medicine with a qualified practitioner. It works especially well with children. More …
Lifestyle Counseling and Coaching:
Your lifestyle refers to your eating, drinking, sleeping, working and thinking habits; where you work and live; how you deal with stress; how you deal with relationships, and the like. The way you live your life is a determining factor in your health. Here at NHCNC we are ready to meet you where you’re at, whether you need suggestions for better eating, creating more time and space in your life or how to change negative and destructive thought patterns.
NeuroCranial Restructuring
Otherwise known as NCR; this is a technique used to unlock and unwind the body to its original and optimal state. Through a series of proprioceptive (patterns of balance) testing, precise areas of the skull are identified to be unlocked. This unlocking allows the soft and connective tissues of the body, including the meningeal system to release abnormal tensions and move the bony structures permanently and incrementally towards the body’s original design. NCR can be used for pain relief, as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and for mental clarity. More on NCR:
Soft Tissue Manipulation
Gentle stretching and muscular releases can relieve many forms of musculoskeletal pain, especially back and neck pain. Soft tissue manipulation is a powerful therapy in musculoskeletal pain.
Therapeutic Nutrition
Hippocrates said, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Food is one of our most powerful tools to use to maintain health, prevent and treat disease. There are vast applications for food and pharmaceutical-grade nutrients, and this is a common therapy used at NHCNC.

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